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Easttown Library Foundation

Board Member Job Description

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Easttown Library Foundation is a volunteer unpaid group of individuals whose mission is to develop and encourage the long-term financial health and growth of the Easttown Library & Information Center through fundraising and securing grants. Generally, the responsibilities of the Board of Directors include: engaging in activities which promote fundraising in the community; setting policies for the operation of the Foundation; approving the Foundation’s operating budget and overseeing its implementation; assisting the Foundation with its fundraising responsibilities through personal contributions at a level consistent with ability; and serving as an advocate and spokesperson for the Easttown Library Foundation.

Criteria for selection of Board Members will include individuals who are:

1.Interested and enthusiastic about public libraries.
2.Knowledgeable about the Easttown Library & Information Center.
3.Able to participate in the meetings of the Board and its committees.
4.Possess skills in the areas of programming, fundraising, public relations and advocacy.

Expectations of Board Members include:

1.Attend monthly meetings.
2.Serve on one committee.
3.Review and approve policy and procedure recommendations for the Foundation through Board action.
4.Provide fundraising advice and contacts to the extent possible.
5.Develop relationships with other organizations and individuals on behalf of the Foundation and the Library.
6.Make a personal financial contribution to the organization annually.
7.Consider making a planned gift to the Foundation.
8.Serve as a spokesperson for the Foundation and the Library

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