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Library Policies

Behavior Policy


1. The Easttown Library & Information Center ("Library") welcomes and encourages the use of its facility by the public. The Library intends to provide a place for all who wish to read, study, research, write, select books to read and consult with Library staff. All who enter the Library are entitled to enjoy a library atmosphere – a calm, quiet space, free from distractions – and have an implicit obligation to contribute to the maintenance of that atmosphere.

2. The Library Board of Trustees ("Library Board"), in establishing this policy, intends to identify behaviors that are contrary to the purposes for which the Library is intended. The Library Board gives full authority and discretion to Library staff to decide whether any particular conduct or behavior is not in compliance with this policy and to ensure that customers of the Library respect and follow the policy. Library staff will caution customers when behavior is deemed unacceptable, will attempt to obtain appropriate personal identifying information, and will ask those who fail to comply to leave the Library premises. An Incident Report will be completed by Library staff to document specific violations. Library staff has the discretion to contact the police. Failure to follow this policy may result in a suspension of Library privileges. Failure to provide appropriate personal identifying information may result in suspension of Library privileges until such information is provided. Any customer whose privileges have been suspended may appeal in writing or in person to the Library Board and shall receive the appropriate notice and opportunity to be heard.

3. GENERAL RULE. The Library offers a place for reading, study and research. Anyone who enters the Library is expected to pursue activities quietly, with a minimum of disturbance to others. A Library customer shall not engage in disruptive behavior or behavior that interferes with the use of the Library by other customers or with Library staff's performance of their duties. Any behavior that, in the judgment of Library staff, disrupts or distracts other Library users from using the Library or threatens the safety of Library users and staff is inappropriate and shall not be tolerated.

4. GUIDELINES. The following Guidelines are for guidance only and are not intended to be an exclusive list of inappropriate or prohibited behavior.

a. Types of inappropriate behavior may be (but are not limited to):

i. running or excessive movement;

ii. throwing items;

iii. loud, offensive or abusive language;

iv. disruptive and/or persistent noise;

v. excessive socializing;

vi. verbally or physically threatening or harassing behavior;

vii. moving furniture;

viii. abusing or defacing library materials (including library owned hardware and software).

b. The use of personal electronic communication devices, such as cell phones, shall be brief and shall not disturb other Library customers.

c. Audio equipment and the audio capabilities of computers shall not be used in the Library unless earphones are utilized in a manner that does not disturb other Library customers.

d. Theft of Library materials is prohibited and a violation of state law, and punishable by a fine and/or other penalty according to 18 PA CS 3929.1.

e. Children under eleven years of age must be under the direct supervision of a responsible caregiver (at least 16 years of age) at all times while on Library premises pursuant to the Library's Policy on Unattended Children.

f. Library customers are responsible for their own personal belongings. The Library is not responsible for the personal belongings of Library customers.

g. Food and covered beverages may be consumed in the Library if handled neatly. Containers should be disposed of properly. Customers should alert Library staff to any spills.

h. A shirt and shoes must be worn anywhere on the Library premises.

i. Any person whose bodily hygiene is offensive so as to constitute a nuisance to other persons shall be asked to leave the building.


The following conduct is prohibited: 

*Threatening behavior, including, but not limited to, violence, threats of violence, and possession of weapons is not allowed. 
*Consuming alcoholic beverages. Exceptions may be granted by the Library Director in connection with appropriate circumstances, such as programs and events.
*Possessing, using or selling unlawful controlled substances. Violations will be reported to the police.
*The use of tobacco products.
*Bringing large sports equipment inside the library, such as bicycles, scooters, and skateboards. The use of any sports equipment is also prohibited inside the library.
*Blocking or interfering with access to doors, passageways, corridors, handicap accessible areas or devices and driveways inside and outside of the Library.
*Pets and other animals may not be brought inside the Library, with exceptions for service animals and animals used during Library programs.
*Patrons may not use CCLS provided computer workstations or wireless connections for unlawful purposes or to view prohibited content. Viewing materials that contain or display sexually explicit images or obscenity as defined by 18 Pa. C.S. section 5903. The viewing of child pornography is a criminal act and the police will be called. Please refer to the Internet Acceptable Use Policy posted on the Library web site for customer guidelines and responsibilities.


Violations of this policy are grounds for suspension of Library privileges. Repeated or egregious violations of this policy are grounds for losing the privilege to use the Library by public vote of the Library Board.

Adopted 3/20/1991; Revised 8/15/2015

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