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Library Policies

Proctoring Policy


The Easttown Library will proctor exams in print or online format. While the library does not charge a fee for proctoring, all expenses, including copying, faxing and mailing will be paid by the test-taker. Prior to scheduling an exam to be proctored by Easttown Library staff, prospective test-takers must first read and agree to this policy and fill out and submit the Test Proctoring Form.

Exams will be proctored by appointment only. Arrangements (i.e., date, time and proctor) must be scheduled in advance of the exam date. Exams may be proctored 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Friday. All exams must be completed during these hours.

Before agreeing to proctor an exam, the proctor will review the proctoring instructions to ensure that library staff can comply with the requirements of the test-takers' institution. Should additional requirements be stipulated after a proctoring appointment has been arranged, staff reserves the right to decline proctoring the exam if staff cannot fulfill the additional requirements or if the added requirements contravene this policy.

If an institution requires the test-taker to receive constant and uninterrupted observation, the library will be unable to proctor the exam. Any suspicious activity observed by the proctor will be reported to the test-taker's institution.

Photo identification is required for all tests. When proctoring an exam, library staff will fulfill the instructions provided by the institution. The proctor will ensure that the test-taker only has the permissible materials (books, papers, calculators, etc.) while taking the exam. Unless otherwise stated in the exam instructions, the proctor will temporarily hold the test-taker's cell phone until the exam is over.

Easttown Library cannot guarantee that a private room will be available for the test-taker. The library is a public space, and therefore may include distracting noises and conditions.

Library staff is not responsible for taking an exam to the Post Office or other carrier to meet a mailing deadline. Tests being mailed will be sent with other library mail through the U.S. Postal Service at the ensuing pick-up time. The student or institution must provide an envelope with correct postage for mailing.

Adopted: 6/19/2013; Revised 9/16/2015


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